• 20 Sep 2018
  • By vishwas
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Product Focus: Touch Screen Cash Registers

From laptops, mobile phones, refrigerators, supermarket checkout, and everything in between, touch-screen devices can be found across all areas of functionality. Due to the nature of the interface, a lot of space is saved, since the display and input are integrated into one. Touch screen cash register devices are also very user-friendly, making operating them very intuitive and easy to use for first-time users. Moreover, unlike physical peripheral hardware like keyboards or physical switches, the chances of the space between the buttons of the device getting dirty due to dust, dirt or moisture are very low.
In the case of Retail, Hospitality, Manufacturing or even Health-care, most businesses are now opting for touch-screen cash registers to carry out their transactions. Touch screen cash register is a device that can be used as an ePOS system or with a mPOS system. Touch-screen cash registers are capable of bringing value to both the employees, customers, and the overall business operations. They improve employee productivity, because of their intuitive user-interface, training times are reduced and the speed of operations is increased. This leads to shorter customer wait times and therefore contributes to a better in-store experience for all.
Posiflex is known for their innovative POS, ePOS, and mPOS solutions, which all happen to be touch-screen devices. Moreover, the terminals are water-proof and fire-proof, making these robust terminals ideal for harsh environments or spills, like in the case of the restaurants or QSRs. Let’s now look at two touch-screen terminals from Posiflex from their TM Series.


This is a 15” LCD stand-alone touch-screen monitor, with a resolution of 1024 x 768. It has a 5-wire resistive touch panel and a VESA mounting support making it wall-mount ready. It also comes in a spill-resistant option, which is especially ideal for the hospitality sector. This machine weighs 4.71 kg and has the dimensions 300 mm (H) x 372 mm (W) x 258 mm(D). Moreover, it also has an optional side attachment support for TM-3315 (SL-105).
For a full list of specifications and product details, visit: https://posiflexindia.com/product/tm3315/


The TM7117 is the bigger of the two products from this range. It is a 17” LCD touch-screen monitor, with a resolution of 1280 x 1024. It weighs 6.82 kgs and has the dimensions 286 mm (H) x 401 mm (W) x 385 mm (D). It also has 2 USB port support and an IR touch panel for TM-7117E-IR.
For a full list of specifications and product details, visit: https://posiflexindia.com/product/tm7117/#specification

The most common problem that is faced after using a touch-screen device is that the screen itself is likely to get dirty due to excessive use over time. However, with Posiflex’stouchscreen monitors, this can never be an issue. The terminals are rugged enough to survive a storm, a fire or even spilled Coca-Cola! Over the years, Posiflex has perfected the design and ergonomics of their devices, making them the ideal POS terminal for a range of services.

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