• 4 Oct 2018
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Mobile POS with Receipt Printer

Amongst of all POS devices, the Mobile POS printers are gaining a little extra momentum.
POS device manufacturers have been fancying making their receipt printers portable. The
adoption rate of the devices seems to be pretty huge as the compound annual growth rate is
+12%. The total revenue of the global mobile point of sale printers market is expected to
surpass 9.8 billion by 2023.

Money management becomes much easier with digital transactions. Mobile point of sale printers avoids the mess of managing cash when it comes to cash on delivery. Also, digital payments make the transaction analytics easier.

Thermal receipt printers

It is not just the touchscreen POS monitors that make the checkout process efficient but the
thermal printers too. Thermal printers print faster than the conventional printers. Thermal
printers are also easy to operate. They make less noise and print clearer than the other
conventional dot matrix printers. By making POS receipt printers portable, you can generate
invoices on the go. This is really helpful for door delivery of goods. You can always ensure
that the right product is delivered to the right customer.

These mobile printer machines would eventually reduce the return rates. Reduction in return rates will eventually reduce losses both for retailers, warehouse management companies and transport providers.
Thermal receipt printers are also cost-effective. This is because they don’t use inke jet to print. They
use heat to trigger a chemical reaction that would make prints of letters on the paper.
Thermal printers print faster. Since most of the thermal printers don’t require ink and so
employees don’t have to worry about running out of ink as in the case of inkjet printers.

The print on the paper tends to last longer because of the chemical reaction. The print can withstand different weathers and extreme temperatures. The printed letters look clearer and sharper than those printed using a conventional printer. Thermal printers eliminate smudges too. Also, these portable thermal printers require zero downtime and workers can seamlessly use the printers from shift to shift. These properties make them suitable for different needs across industries like hospitality, health care, cinema, retail stores, etc.

POS Thermal Receipt printers in Kiosks

Customers like taking care of themselves. They enjoy privacy. Sales representatives sometimes annoy customers when they try convincing them to upsell and cross-sell products. Customers like getting help only when they really want it This is why self-service devices like POS point of sale tablets and self-service kiosks result in better sales when compared to face to face services.

The modern technologies allow customers to check themselves out in a store and print their own invoices. These printers are easy to use and compact to handle. Printers attached to the POS devices in the counter come in a very compact size. This eventually reduces the footprint size of the POS system on the counter.
Also, the self-service kiosk comes with the same advantage. Customers can help themselves in choosing what is best for them, placing orders and also printing their own invoices. Overall, POS printers just make everything better.

The resilience of thermal receipt printers

One of the major issues with the POS devices is their incapability to withstand certain conditions in the hospitality industry. This is especially true when it comes to printers. The counters on the restaurants and coffee shops are vulnerable to food spills and liquid spills.

The point of sale devices on the counters tend to get affected by these conditions. Most of the service calls made by restaurants are to fix the damage caused by food spills to the POS devices. But certain POS systems in India like Posiflex printers are designed to resist these conditions. By reducing the vulnerability of damage, these devices save the time and money that would rather be spent on maintenance.

Receipt printer in India

Reputed companies in India like Cafe Coffee day, Shoppers Stop use Posiflex’s thermal printers across all their branches. Posiflex has been a real problem solver in some cases.
When Shoppers Stop decided to move to POS devices, the standard configuration colors that the company offered, did not match with Shopper Stop’s standard brand colors.

So Posiflex designed and built machines for Shopper’s Stop with configuration colors that match their brand colors. Also, the maximum memory that was available during that time was around 500 MB. But Shoppers Stop wanted memory in Gigabytes. Posiflex built a machine to match their memory requirement in just 6-8 weeks. Printing doesn’t mean wasting papers all the time.
Posiflex shows its care for the environment using its Go Green initiative.

The POS systems reduce electricity consumption by 50%. They say ‘a happy customer is ten times worth their first purchase’ and Posiflex’s customers are not an exception. Posiflex is continuing to be the POS solution provider for shopper stop for 17 years.