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Organized or Modern Retail in India is growing at a rapid rate. Despite the barriers of High Rentals and Supply Chain inefficiencies, this segment is all set to take off in the coming years. To aid this growth, Technology Investment is critical especially in the consumer facing side of things. Posiflex is the perfect Technology partner for the organized Retail in India because of its commitment to delivering strong, innovative and robust products and ensuring smooth service and support across the region. Posiflex delivers the best of Point of Sale Products and Solutions that allow Modern Retailers to enhance their in-store capabilities.

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As with the rest of the world, Modern Retail Stores in India face the problem of long queues and pressure of faster billing on the operators. The frustration levels among the consumers can quickly escalate especially during the weekends and peak seasons. Posiflex uses the best-in-class processors ranging from Celeron to Intel Core i3 and i5. This power packed processor along with the future proof device specifications ensures that the Modern Retail Store can handle huge stress on its billing counters while maintaining the world-class consumer experience.

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Posiflex designs the Point of Sale Machines keeping in mind that they add to the Modern Retailer’s Brand Value. The Aesthetic and Ergonomic design of the Posiflex PoS Terminals not only make it look good but also convenient for the operator using the PoS Machine. Considering that the churn among the Store attendants in India is high, minimal training on the Posiflex Point of Sale Machines is a boon for all the Modern Retail Stores who are looking to scale up quickly in new markets.

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High Volume Transactions in the Modern Retail directly translates to operators pushing the limits of the Point of Sale Machines whether it is on the Touch Screens or the internals. Posiflex uses the most durable and rugged Touch Panels to ensure that the user does not waste time trying to click the same item twice or struggles with low sensitivity. Lower Business Downtimes ensures maximum revenues and high levels of consumer satisfaction.




  • Efficient Auto Cutter
  • Wall-Mount Ready
  • Easy Drop and load
  • Spill Resistance Option

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  • High -Volume Applications
  • Asset Tracking
  • Inventory Management
  • Cross Docking

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  • Ergonomic Design
  • Integrated Solution
  • Multi-purpose Utility
  • Long Hours Operation

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XT5315 / 6315

  • High Performance
  • Compact and Hassle-free
  • Flexible and Expandable
  • Multiple Operating Systems

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