With the adoption of Point of Sale Solutions, the small retail stores or Kirana stores can automate their transaction times completely thereby leading to a better consumer experience, achieve full visibility of Daily Sales helping them in inventory planning and maximizing their limited shelf space area and finally creating a positive imagery in the minds of the consumers creating a differentiator in this crowded market. Posiflex with its sheer presence in India for more than 20 years, completely understands and acknowledges the unique needs of the Kirana store segment has launched several such products and solutions that specifically address these needs.

Cost effective entry level solutions

Majority of the Kirana stores are still on pen and paper and have no billing systems in place. One of the biggest reasons for this being the lack of availability of a reliable value product with a strong local service and support infrastructure. Posiflex has all the answers for the extremely cost conscious Kirana store owners. With the Point of Sale Boxes, Cash registers and Entry level PoS Terminals, the value range of Posiflex is perfect for the frugal neighborhood Kirana store.

Daily Transaction Visibility made possible

End of day sales reporting is one of the top priorities for the Mom and Pop Stores who rely on manual billing. The stores run by a proprietor along with a few attendants suffer from lack of sales visibility and hence the reordering becomes a huge challenge. Posiflex Value Products bring the technology at an affordable price for the kirana stores and help them elevate themselves to processes that would bring in efficiencies to their operations.

Increased Credibility through adoption of Technology

With the increasing penetration of Modern Retail across India, the kirana store owners are wary of consumers moving away from them. Through the adoption of an Automated Billing System or a Point of Sale System, the store comes across as more professional in their business practices in comparison to the one using manual billing. Posiflex’s PoS solution that includes a receipt printer attached to the system enables a receipt to be printed and handed over the consumer for transaction closure and this has a positive psychological impact on the consumer’s minds.

RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS FOR Kirana Stores/Mom & Pop Stores


  • Slim & Stylish Look
  • Patented Fanless Technology
  • Clean Cable Management
  • Maintenance & Shipment with Ease

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PS 3316E+ (PCAP)

  • Slim and Flexible
  • Expandable and Neat

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  • Ergonomic Design
  • Integrated Solution
  • Multi-purpose Utility
  • Long Hours Operation

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  • Slim Design
  • Robust Performance
  • Highest Build Quality
  • Vast Configurability

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