• 23 Jan 2018
  • By sunil-veena
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Small Business Automation – 3 Must Have Tech Solutions

Access to modern technology is no longer a bottleneck for startups, small or mid-sized businesses owners. With the advent of cloud-based software and affordable tech solutions, small business automation couldn’t have been more real.

Listed here, Three Smart-Technology Solutions that are driving small businesses to achieve higher performance, save on resources, overcome the limitations of geography and, provide their customers a delightful experience.

POS and mPOS

Point Of Sale systems have advanced from manual cash registers to hi-tech mobile (mPOS) and, best-in-class touch interactive terminals with a plethora of features, functions and, benefits. Many restaurants, canteens, factories, retail shops and, clinics have started to use POS not just for billing and ordering, but they see it as an inventory management system, employee management, customer management and even sales reporting.

Accepting digital payments, maintaining transaction history, keeping customer database, and issuing loyalty benefits to customers are some benefits of a modern POS system.

Cash Register for Small Business India

If your business involves dealing with cash mostly, then switching to an electronic cash register (ECR) for easy and safe handling of cash transactions should be your next priority. An ECR is deployed for calculating and recording a cash transaction, printing a bill and, holding cash in a safe drawer.

Modern cash registers for small business in india are designed with Qwerty keyboards, touch-screen interface and linked to bar-code scanners, printer, and other devices. They allow personalization, like you could have the name of your business, and a greeting printed on the bill. Some even do credit card processing, inventory tracking, and identity verification. Believe it or not, you could even buy a cash register to match the color as your store decor.

With Demonetization and GST latest on-the-block, the import of ECRs has become a lucrative business. IN FY2017, India’s import of ECRs registered a y-o-y growth of 288%.

Looks like, calculators and handwritten bills are a passé and, newer forms are evolving.

Digital Payments

The Digital India programme launched by the Government of India promotes cashless transactions. Not only in India, customers across geographies are shifting to modes of payments other than cash to transact and do business. These modes of payments could be banking cards, UPI, internet banking, mobile wallets, mobile banking, ATMs, and POS.

Moving with times, all businesses must invest in technology that allows digital payments.

A handheld debit and credit-card swipe machine, ECRs with POS terminals, Tablets/mPOS systems have become quite ubiquitous.

Check out these POS solutions designed especially for digital payments and small business automation.

The Bottom-line:

The convenience factor is so high that customers are happy shopping online, or places that accept digital payments, thus making it more difficult for cash operating brick-and-mortar businesses to sustain. There is really no choice left, but for these businesses to adopt the latest technology in operating the business and accepting digital payments. Whether it is a cash and carry business, a mom-and-pop store, a Kirana store or any other small business, consider having a POS/mPOS or an Electronic Cash Register with Basic POS Terminal to start with, and keep discovering new technology to improve your business operations.