• 26 Sep 2018
  • By vishwas
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Featured Product – KK Series

The uptake of self-service kiosks has been on the rise. Studies have found that companies that have experimented with using self-service kiosks have had an increase in business. This is especially true for the retail sector, where customers feel more comfortable with self-service kiosks because it reduces the chance of any kind of social friction. Moreover, self-service kiosks make the customers feel like they are in control.

Self-service kiosks improve a business’s productivity because it streamlines services that would otherwise be labour intensive. Furthermore, this is a good opportunity for employees to help customers that require their expertise, instead of spending time doing repetitive and mundane tasks which could have easily been automated.

The KK series, which includes KK2130 and KK3200, is Posiflex’s range of Self-Service Kiosks. These integrated kiosks are an effective and efficient way for a company to interact with their customers directly. They are an ideal fit for the retail, banking, health care sector, and more.


This 32” touch screen self-service kiosk can be wall or pole mounted and comes with an inbuilt 3” thermal receipt printer, as well as a 2D barcode scanner. Moreover, it can be considered an integrated solution, since it can also equip EMV certified MSR/chip card payment device, allowing for easy and secure payments and receipt printing.

The built-in 3” thermal printer with auto-cutter, and a printing speed of up to 200 mm/sec. With the pole stand, it has dimensions of 54 cm x 20.18 cm x 187.5 cm (L x D x H) and without the stand/wall mount it is 54 cm x 17.18 cm x 110.1 cm (L x D x H). It has a 32” TFT LCD display with a resolution of 1920×1080 and projected capacitive touchscreen.

For detailed specifications, visit:http://posiflexindia.com/product/kk3200/


The KK2130 is the compact Self-Service Kiosk from Posiflex, which comes either in desktop form or with a stand. It has a 3” inbuilt thermal printer into the kiosk, but can also support an additional ticketing printer. Furthermore, depending on the requirements, it can be customized with a 2D barcode scanner and EMV certified MSR/Chip card payment device. With the pedestal, it has the following dimensions, 60.68 cm x 60.96 cm x 144.5 cm (L x D x H) and without the pedestal it is 41.17 cm x 27.38 cm x 77.83 cm (L x D x H).

For the full list of specification, visit: http://posiflexindia.com/product/kk2130/

Automation is not necessarily a bad thing. Self-service kiosks actually have the ability to create value to the business that implements them. Cutting down on labour costs and improved efficiencies, leading to an increase in overall productivity are all tangible benefits that would be seen.

Posiflex’s KK series of self-service kiosks makes transactions easy, seamless and fast. For a demo or customizable options, get in touch with us today!   http://posiflexindia.com/