With the beautifully sculptured slim body, sexily curved base stand, Posiflex XT-4215 looks right at home at any elegantly decorated store. And more than just good looks, XT-4215 can be equipped with the lighting fast Intel Core i7 CPU that provides ample muscle power to handle any task imaginable.

products Highlights

Power Processors Variants

XT4215 offers a choice of three powerful Intel® processors, the G540, 2.5 GHz, the Core i3-3220, 3.3GHz or the Core i5-3550s, 3.7 GHz to give you the choice of the price / performance you require.

Stylish Looks

In today’s Retail World, PoS is almost a part of Store Decoration and Store Imagery. The Posiflex JIVA XT4215 with a bezel-free projected Capacitive Screen looks right at home at any elegantly designed store

Connectivity Options

The Posiflex JIVA XT4215 offers a range of Connectivity Options including Mini-PCIe slot for WiFi, Dual LAN Ports and a powered USB Port in the base stand.

Space Saving

The XT4215 is not just a powerful machine but also helps in space saving that is extremely critical especially in India. The terminal can fold and can be configured to an optimal angle and space

  • System Configuration
  • Processor

    Quad Core 1.0GHz

  • System Memory

    DDR3 1GB

    Storage Device

    8GB eMMC + Micro SD

  • RAID Function


    Power Supply

    12V / 40W

  • OS support

    Android 4.4

  • Display & Touch
  • LCD Display

    14” TFT LCD

  • LCD Resolution

    1366 x 768

  • Touch Function

    True-flat PCAP Touch with multi-touch support (IP65 on front panel)

  • I/O & Expansion
  • Serial Port

    DB9 x 2, 5V / 12V support on COM 2

  • Parallel Port


  • Standard USB Port


  • Powered USB


  • LAN Port

    10/100/1000 Mb x 1

  • VGA Port

    2nd VGA port (SDK will be provided for software integration)

  • CR Port


  • PS/2 Keyboard


  • UPS Port


  • Audio

    Internal 2W speaker x 1

  • Extension Slot