• 6 Sep 2018
  • By vishwas
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Why move to a Point-of-Sale (POS) System? important benefits!

POS system in India is making the check out process easier than ever. They reduce the footprint size on the counter, support a variety of payment options, make billing faster, are easy to operate, are cloud-based, help in real-time data upload, ensure accuracy, do data analysis and generate sophisticated sales reports, track employee work hours and much more. POS systems are easy to maintain and they dramatically increase the ROI. These systems track operations, reduce human errors and ensure accuracy. POS-based tablets are proving to be much more efficient than the other conventional systems and here are a few important benefits of POS systems.

Touch Screen POS systems in India come with a variety of payment support

POS systems support a lot of payment methods like contactless payments (NFC), EMV chip cards, mobile wallets such as Android Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay, beacon-based payments, Credit cards etc. By enabling customers to use different payment methods, you can increase both the revenue and the customer satisfaction. In fact, a survey found out that more than 44% of respondents prefer paying using debit cards and 33% prefer using credit cards. But the mobile wallet market is getting off the ground at higher rates and the usage statistics will dramatically increase in the near future. So without a doubt, cashless payment support is an inevitable feature for today’s sales and POS systems become a one-stop solution for various business needs.

POS Touch Screen monitors make billing efficient

POS systems ensure accuracy with billing. Manual billing is prone to human errors. Be it data entry, calculation or even billing the right product, human employees tend to make mistakes due to the monotonicity of the billing process. But POS systems ensure 100% accuracy which can save a lot of money and avoid unnecessary hassles.

POS system update data on a real-time basis. You don’t have to wait for someone to sync the real world changes with your digital records. Whatever you sell in your brick and mortar store gets reflected on your databases.

Some systems also have the options to customize a specific portion of the receipt like a header or footer. You can use this section to print coupons codes and offers directly on the receipt. You can also provide information about your loyalty programs, return policies, promote your social media channels, etc.

POS system in India for inventory management

Indian inventory management systems are becoming more advanced day by day. Even the best cash registers lack the feature that updates inventory management data on a real-time basis. POS systems can help you analyze the number of each item sold. Advanced inventory management systems can compare the number of items initially stocked in the store with the number of items sold out from the data provided by POS. This way, whenever a product goes out of stock, you will be able to spot it instantly and take the next step. These systems make inventory management a breeze and with them, you will be able to save hours of inventory management efforts every week.

POS system in India for employee check-in

Indian companies are digitizing every aspect of their business after the debut of programs like digital India. Employee attendance monitoring is one of the areas that is becoming digitized. Employee check-in and check-out are another out of the box solution provided by POS systems.

Modern POS devices include clock functionality, that enables your employees to clock in and out on the POS terminal itself. This facility real-time empowers you with access control and help you make sure that the employee identity is verified for clock-ins. This can help you reduce employee theft and other malpractices. You can also make sure that the employees complete their shift hours without depending on a manual supervisor. Check in and check out systems are a way more efficient and accurate than human supervisors.

Touch Screen POS in India help you monitor analytics

Your POS system will allow you to observe the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) like the average customer sales data, stock turnover, and the sell-through rates. POS systems use the inventory data to provide information, like the item description, price, savings from a sale or discount, coupon code, etc.

Reports are another great feature of POS systems. They just make sales data analytics easier than ever. Also, you don’t have to be at your desk to analyze these reports as they are completely cloud-based. No matter if you are at home or traveling, cloud-based POS reporting systems help you access reports from anywhere. You can always become your own instant data scientist to analyze data and make data-driven business decisions from anywhere.

Conventional methods involved a lot of manual processing of receipts and spreadsheets. Even after processing, it took some human hours to upload the data. Whenever an analysis was required, the data had to be manually pulled out from the databases. This is impractical in today’s market where the customer base and sales rates are exponentially increasing. But POS systems just automate everything and eliminate the need to upload, analyze and process the data manually.