• 29 Dec 2017
  • By dinesh
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POS Showdown: Which POS solution is the right fit for your business

Overcoming business challenges in any industry is an ardent task. It’s painstaking if the solutions don’t fit to resolve the problems at hand, and in-turn demand more attention. Investing in technology is costly but has its own benefits. Seeking for well-researched POS solutions that not only meet existing requirement but are also future-ready is imperative.

Important Factors to consider before purchasing POS terminal:

Here is a list of factors to weigh your decisions on.

– Durability

– Performance

– Lifespan

– Scalability

– Multi-store integration

– Uptime Record

– Energy-saving or green features

– Ease-of-use

– Total cost of ownership

– Aesthetics and space utilization

– Multi-devices support

– Barcode support

– Theft & Fraud protection


The list can go on.

Here is quote from an interview, with Chain Store Age, Ron Chan, Director of Marketing, Posiflex USA, said “Maximum uptime is critical especially to convenience stores or locations with 24/7, 365-day service where customers come around the clock. Your store is open for business, and your POS terminal must be ready as well.”

Which POS solution is right for you, Learn from cases:

POS systems have prevailed in retail, hospitality, healthcare and manufacturing industry mainly, and without them no business is ready. Consumers also use POS terminals with consumer grade material (plastic terminals) for personal use, which are cost-efficient.

Here are some challenges, that were proficiently handled by new technologically driven POS systems. Learn from these cases, to know which POS solution is right for you?

Posiflex XT3215

Business: Hospitality

Challenges: Employees too liberal due to lack of supervision resulting in low productivity

The Study Lounge, a much-anticipated bar in California, upgraded to Posiflex for doing away with poor performance and unreliability. This model is well-known for durability, performance and spill resistance. Profits have increased by 30% ever since this new change.

Posiflex MT4008 Tablet

Business: Retail

Challenges: Long-time consuming back-and-forth walk to the kitchen resulting in slow & inefficient, manual order-taking.

Annie’s cafe faced difficulties in managing high table turnover and long distance from table to kitchen issue, which they resolved in a matter of no-time with Posiflex MT4008.

With its third outlet opening soon, there was a need to scale-up and manage multiple locations using a modern digital POS system. The new tablets have given way to faster table turns, more customer interface and led to higher productivity.

Posiflex touch screen terminals, MSR and DigitalPersona fingerprint reader

Business: Retail

Challenges: Employee supervision and transaction fraud resulting in embezzlement.

Hooters, a multi-chain of 452 restaurants, tackled the problem of theft, time and attendance, and productivity by installing bio-metric enabled POS systems powered by DigitalPersona and Posiflex. This instantly eliminated swipe card replacement cost, and reduced transaction on fraud and food cost.

Posiflex KS6715 terminal and PP9000 printer

Business: Retail

Challenges: Liquid and food spillage, resulting in potential failure of the POS system.

Montana Club is known for quality food and outstanding service. A key issue they faced was having food and drink spill over their POS hardware, causing disruption in service.

Posiflex KS6715 is a long-lasting, reliable terminal. It lends maximum uptime, powerful performance together with a PP9000 environmentally hardened thermal printer.

Next-generation POS systems: Omni-terminal:

Luxury and lifestyle brands, top-notch restaurants and hotels, and technology conscious business owners are moving a step further, to embrace digital customer-facing solutions – touchscreens, tablets, express checkout mobile apps, web-based kiosk, hybrid devices. While all this seem very fancy and expensive, the idea is really to invest in POS solutions that support the new, relevant Omni channel shopping experience.

Posiflex XT terminals are designed to help business owners stay relevant and ensure seamless integration through this omniterminal. Some high performing POS systems under this very league are:

  • MT4800 hybrid tablet transforms into a compact POS terminal
  • HS series compact terminal with printer
  • TX series commercial grade mini-PC
  • XT series retail ready touchscreen terminals

Asking the right questions:

Where there is new and improved technology, there is also a fear of running obsolete. Newer technologies include EMV, chip-and-pin, near field communication to name a few. Often, questions are raised about the scalability and compatibility of the POS system.

  • Are there enough ports?
  • Can it be upgraded to an encryption-capable MSR?
  • Is it secured?

If you have already invested in a POS system, it may be time to upgrade it.

The Bottomline: Realizing the need for an advanced or upgraded POS system is based on challenges and anticipation. Adopting new technology solutions, to improve performance and give customers a seamless shopping or dining experience is the new outlook.