• 8 Dec 2017
  • By vishwas
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POS in Lifestyle and Fashion industry

Fashion and Lifestyle are extremely forthcoming in POS adoption when it comes to stock management, tracking purchases, sourcing information and serving customers with style.

Being organized is one thing, and leveragingtechnology to sell more with the right strategy is something this industry is learning fast and falling in love with.

A POS designed keeping fashion in mind; Fully featured to match industry requirements.

Must-Have POS Features for Fashion & Lifestyle Industry:

A modern POS system is more than just a checkout terminal. Here are some features tuned for the Fashion industry:

  • Customer Relationship Management, a contact database of all customers to provide better customer service and build engaging relationships.
  • Inventory Control System, an up-to-date record of stock and track supply movement
  • Inter-store Communication, a communication channel between other outlets
  • Record-keeping and Reports, a process to generate reports on cash flows, merchandising reports, sales history, employee time and attendance record.
  • OmniChannel Transfers, a seamless way to pass information from an online platform to an in-store platform and vice-versa.

 The POS advantage:

  • Providing stock availability, all colors, and sizes, to your customers in a jiffy
  • Helping them with easy checkout at the store
  • Sourcing out-of-stock items from other nearby branch locations
  • Supporting customers with easy return and replacement of item
  • Providing pricing information vis-a-vis other similar items across locations
  • Issuing store credits or discounts to customers for extending loyalty to the brand

There are ample benefits of introducing a POS system in a fashion retail business. For a retailer, it is easy-to-enter, modify and track information on day-to-day operations; keep full control on inventory and finance, and sell the most selling items well.

What’s new:

  • The Next-Generation Omni Channel Terminals help bridging-the-gap between multi-channel sales outlets, across locations worldwide, onto a unified platform.
  • Be-Spoke POS solutions for functionality and aesthetics are very much in-demand. Shopper Stop wanted a POS machine for their 10th new store, that was best suited to their brand colors. A quirky request like this was fulfilled by Posiflex.
  • Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics basis customer’s buying behavior.
  • Mobile POS technology, Posiflex MT4008 is versatile, convenient and delivers multi-use functions throughout the long business day.

AT Kearney survey estimates the Indian fashion and lifestyle market to reach Rs. 3,94,000 crores by 2020. It also suggests a strong potential for fashion brands to expand their reach and gain scale in India. Ref: http://bit.ly/1pKUSko. It is an important advancement for the POS manufacturing and outsourcing, as they continue to meet rising expectations for the upcoming fashion and lifestyle industry.

The Bottomline:

Adoption of POS in lifestyle and fashion has remarkably contributed to a delightful shopping experience and quick customer service. Advanced POS technology solutions work as a catalyst in building a loyal customer base and improve sales.