• 27 Sep 2018
  • By vishwas
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Revolutionize your store with modern mPOS systems

Mobile pos systems

It is no surprise that many small businesses are shifting from the conventional POS terminals to mobile POS systems. The mobile point of sale system has numerous advantages over the traditional, stationary ones used until now. The most important of these advantages, from the perspective of a small business, is the cost-efficiency. The conventional point of sale system has high installation and maintenance costs. A mobile one, on the other hand, is a compact device, meaning it needs less maintenance and care. In fact, if you buy quality POS systems from a reliable company, you would be spending almost nothing on their maintenance.

Another important advantage of mobile POS systems is the user-friendliness. Almost everyone today knows how to use a smartphone; Apple, Android or Windows. This means that you and your employees would already be familiar with the device, and can learn how to use the software in minimal time. These devices have many advantages for the customers as well. First of all, you can collect payments on the go, meaning that you would never miss a chance of selling an item. And your customers would not have to wait in long queues to pay for what they purchase. Secondly, the mobile system is better optimized to process payment transactions, meaning faster checkouts for the customers, earning good credibility for your store. And what does a budding business need more than a happy customer base? Be it a garment store, restaurant or pharmacy, a mobile system can help the owner serve the customers better, and make the best out of their investment.

Despite what some business owners think, mobile payment and POS systems are completely secure. In fact, most customers prefer mobile payments due to the speed, convenience, and reliability. With the mobile POS system, you do not compromise on anything. It is capable of performing every operation that a traditional point of sale computer system does. This includes, but is not limited to selling, employee management, customer details management and stock management. Also, mobile systems are compliant with multiple payment methods including cash, debit/credit cards, internet banking etc.

Posiflex offers some of the best mobile pos systems for small businesses. They have mPOS systems that are developed of offer smooth and hassle-free processing and run on Windows and Android. The software of the Posiflex systems allows comprehensive business operations on a single device. This includes sales, employee and customer records management, stock tracking etc. All the systems come with complete hardware package. For example, the Android 4.4 powered MT4008A comes with an 8-inch screen and a built-in barcode scanner in the pistol grip that facilitates quicker sales. Along with this, the device has Wi-Fi powered printer connectivity. The other accessories of this particular system include a fingerprint sensor, hand strap etc. The MT4008A, like all mobile point of sale systems from Posiflex, has an innovative power-saving technology that lets you operate it for longer than most other systems. Additionally, the pistol grip houses an extra battery, giving you the power to do even more.

No matter what business you run, with the premier mPOS systems from a reliable brand like Posiflex, you spend less and get the best performance. All the systems are easy to use and require very little learning time. They guarantee quick and hassle-free processing so that your customers are always happy, and you have no problems in managing your business. To know more about the MT4008A, or the other products in the Posiflex mobility range,  check out their new ranges of mPOS product.