• 28 Sep 2017
  • By sunil-veena
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Mobile POS – A must have for todays retailer

Retailers are constantly looking at innovative ways to differentiate themselves from the competition and also expedite the buying process. The smaller you make the loop between decision making and final purchase, the more sales you can close.

Mobility, Loyalty Management & eCommerce are three top priorities for most modern retailers. Amongst these mobility takes highest importance, given its very nature and dynamic behavior of the modern consumer. Studies indicate that there has been a stupendous 64% rise in adoption of Mobile POS (mPOS) in the retail sector just over the last two years. Further research also states that there has been a whopping 107% rise in the total shipments of mPOS systems worldwide. That explains a lot!

Let us understand, the key drivers for such widespread adoption.


By definition a Mobile POS or mPOS is a dedicated device that is wirelessly connected and performs functions of a cash register or an electronic point of sale terminal. But POS solution makers are breaking this norm and making mPOS systems a larger part of the whole buying experience.


Today, manufacturers deliver extremely user friendly interfaces to simplify the sales process both for the seller and the buyer. Mobile POS systems easily integrate into existing POS solution, a business may already be using. They act as an extensible selling and customer engagement platform. High battery capacities, ergonomic styling and shatter-proof material make mPOS a robust and durable choice for businesses handing high traffic. Many mPOS systems go further and offer a built-in thermal receipt printer and GPS systems to keep up with the salesperson on-the-go. That said, the advantages of employing mPOS systems are manifold.

Queue Busting

Checkout counters are both busy and oftentimes high-stress bearing areas of any store. Adopting mPOS helps manage long lines by taking the billing unit to the waiting customer and avoiding unpleasant queue-up scenarios.

Improve Customer Experience

Sales associates can carry the mPOS around the store to help customers pick products easily. This is especially useful in the hospitality sector where the customer can view the menu right on the screen and the order gets received instantly via wireless printer into the kitchen. Talk about speed!

Further, mPOS are in-built with customization options to include brand loyalty programs, QR codes for instant order pickups and contactless card payments. All of which speed up the purchasing process and boost overall customer satisfaction – an invaluable retail business goal!

Online Receipts

Modern mPOS systems allow to capture and store customer information, including mobile numbers and email addresses. These enable Email and SMS receipts to be sent to customers after a purchase.

Mobile Workforce

Handing a salesperson, a hand-held mPOS is like giving him the power to sell from anywhere. Mobile POS systems bring the sales associates outside the limited space of a billing counter and in close quarters of the customer to better help him engage and understand customer needs. Every retail business can reap higher sales through this kind of personal attention.

As an additional capability, mPOS systems provide inventory management functions to better manage the store and deliver instant price checks for products.


If you are a retail business owner looking for contemporary ways to extend your services and sell your products, you should consider investing in an mPOS solution and get ahead in the game.

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