• 26 Mar 2018
  • By vishwas
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HS2414W (HS Series: All-in-One-POS)

Effectively optimizing shelf space to increase store productivity seems to be a problem that is on every retailers mind. To tackle this concern, Posiflex’s HS2414 is the perfect POS solution for your counter space woes. Its compact, fan-free design makes it a versatile fit for any sector and a range of counter styles. Moreover, it is aesthetically pleasing, available in either classic black or white; it is a stylish addition to any store. This high performance, touch-screen terminal is an All-in-one solution, integrating the latest in POS technology, including MSR, customer display, finger-print sensor, a 2D barcode scanner, and more.

HS2414, the compact checkout POS system, is a perfect match for the F&B sector, capable of transforming your QSR operation. With its self-ticketing and token dispensing capabilities, it is a highly efficient and time saving POS machine.

If you aren’t already convinced to make HS2414 a part of your operations, here are some more its modern features:


Posiflex is known to be the leaders in innovative POS systems and HS2414 does not disappoint. It has an inbuilt 3” auto cutter thermal printer, with an easy swappable option for quick service at the field level. This model satisfies all your checkout needs, making it the quintessential POS machine for any retailer.


The HS2414W has an Intel Bay Trail Celeron and up to 2.42G Quad core (J1900), with 2M cache.

HS2414W has multiple options for operating systems: Windows 7, Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry, Windows 10 IoT, POSReady 7, and Linux.

This adds up to a make a powerful POS system, which is reliable even when there, is a high number of customers. Moreover, analysing high volumes of data won’t be a tiresome process, with its robust CPU.


Saving large number of customer and organizational data has never been easier. The HS2414W comes with a default storage capacity of 500 GB HDD (or an Optional capacity of 64 GB or 128 GB SSD).


It has a 14” TFT LCD display with a resolution of 1366×768 and a true-flat, Bezel-free PCAP touch with multi-support. Its compact frame is 371.6 X 188.78 X 472.99 (W x D x H in mm) and is only 5.8 kg.


In addition to the features mentioned, this POS systems has built-in capabilities to meet your requirements: MSR, Keyboard, FPU, Smartcard reader, RFID reader, Internal Wi-Fi, SSD in lieu of HDD, 2D Barcode Scanner in built, 4G/LTE Module, Fingerprint scanner, as well as a built-in Handset, Microphone and Webcam.

The HS Series: All-in-One-POS Solution


Regardless of the sector you are in, maximizing sale opportunities by freeing up counter space for more merchandise couldn’t get any simpler. Posiflex’s all-in-one HS2414 POS system, is adaptable to any circumstance, where space optimization is required. With its high quality and uncompromising performance, this modern machine is well-suited for applications in retail, hospitality, healthcare, banking, and more.