• 22 Dec 2017
  • By vishwas
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Express Checkout, A must-have for all retailers

Express checkout is the most convenient and availed facility by customers who buy small but are loyal to your business. Shoppers may have their cart full or maybe not, but having to serve them both with equal satisfaction is where the challenge lies.

Why Express Checkout?

Despite the many billing counters at any retail stores, you will find dissatisfied customers who line-up for few items only, mainly during weekend-rush or a sale. A reason strong enough, why retailers like Big Bazaar,  Reliance,  Spencers, Easyday should employ express checkout counters.

What is Express Checkout?

An Express Checkout is an easy and faster way to shop, where customers can use the Express Checkout terminals to scan the various items they want to buy, and checkout by paying using their smartphone or mobile wallet. That’s not it, the Express Checkout terminal also stores information about all purchases made by the customer and, re-marketing related products to them so that they visit again. In short, it reduces waiting time, increases customer satisfaction and loyalty, gathers information and, instigates more sales.

Who are the players?

In such competitive environment, rising number of companies offer Express Checkout solutions or line-free mobile solutions or queue busting solutions or self-checkout solutions and service. Technology is so advanced now, that one can integrate an Express Checkout app seamlessly with a POS system, a payment, and loyalty system.

It is an excellent opportunity for retailers to leverage, in times when smartphone users are gravitating towards mobile shopping and, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) technology along with IoT and M2M technology is making waves in all business domains.

The Bottomline:
To bridge-the-gap between desire and want, to lower the abandoned cart average; Express Checkout is a must have for all retailers. We must not forget that smart shoppers use smartphones. It is a win-win for both retailers and customers, where convenience shopping takes a front lead.

Something to think about:

While Express Checkout is a boon to retailers, the hospitality industry is not far in seeking quick and durable solutions to help them speed up too. In Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) or Express Outlets, making any customers wait is definitely not-on-the-table. The service ought to be fast and good. Cafe Coffee Day’s (CCD) is a testimony to that, having moved from conventional desktop computer and printer system to a more sophisticated and efficient Posiflex POS system.