• 21 Sep 2017
  • By vishwas
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Experience Queue Less checkout with Posiflex

Experience “Less Queue” checkout with Posiflex

Queue-less Checkout, really?  While theoretically a very promising statement, delivering a queue-less shopping experience in reality may not always be feasible.

POS technology has matured over the years, but it’s still time for us to experience queue-less check out at all times.

What is possible, is to have a “less queue” environment. This is possible by leveraging technology, data and processes to reduce the queue at the checkout counters.

Here is a list of tips and recommendations to reduce queues at checkout counters by at-least 35%

Leverage Analytics from your POS solution

Most modern POS solutions should be able to give advanced analytics such as peak times, product categories, type of shopper, average cart value, etc.

Analyze this data to understand time wasters. For example, if vegetable buying at a supermarket is hogging most of the queue, maybe it’s a good idea to have a checkout section at the vegetable section itself. Similarly, you can identify opportunities to reduce queues by categorizing shoppers based on behavior to provide a better, pleasant shopping experience.

Select a POS solution which is right for your stores

Depending on the nature and size of your business, it is imperative to do a thorough study on which type of POS hardware will be appropriate for which location. Check out this page to get a better understanding on type of POS hardware and which industry it is built for.

Express Counters

Reward your loyal customers with a hassle free checkouts.

Research shows 20% of customers buy more than the average cart value, and ironically these are not your regular customers. The rest 80% form your loyal customer base who buy 2-3 items at a given time, but the frequency of purchase is much higher.

Again, this statistic may differ based on your industry and customer segment. Identify these trends and provide priority checkout to members and regular customers.

Invest in Mobile POS Systems

Mobile POS systems provide a huge opportunity to reduce queues, increase sales and improve the overall shopping experience. Check out our blog on this very topic, to learn about mPOS and its benefits.


Long queues are a turn off for most buyers. In fact, customers abandon carts at checkout if the queue is more than 5-8 shoppers. Leveraging technology together with data and basic human behavior analysis can help tackle this problem for the most part.

If you use other methods or tactics to tackle this problem, do share it with us in the comments section below.

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