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If you’ve gone shopping recently, whether for groceries or to update your wardrobe, chances are you’ve already encountered an ePOS system. It’s hard to escape them when they are so widely used by businesses of all sizes. An electronic point of sale or ePOS for short is a computerized system that allows for the electronic method of payment for goods and services. Usually, ePOS systems can be an all-in-one integrated solution, with an inbuilt printer, barcode scanner, touch-screen display, cash drawers, etc. The ePOS system usually consists of hardware, software and the peripherals associated with the terminal, that all work together to carry out transactions. ePOS systems are ideal for any sector that requires customer interactions, such as: Retail, Hospitality and Healthcare.
The rise in ePOS terminals can be attributed to the guaranteed ROI they bring to the business, by saving both time and money. Moreover, they can be customized according to the type of business and its needs, making them a flexible and versatile option for business owners. Other than making transactions, ePOS systems have a wide variety of functions, that all contribute to making the business more efficient. For example, they are capable of keeping track of the sales, taxes and inventory which helps in tracking resources and spotting trends. Most machines have inbuilt analytics software that will help them build reports that maximize profits through improved efficiencies. Also, it can reduce human error, improving employee productivity and it can easily store customer information. Moreover, it also provides accurate pricing information which leads to faster transaction, and therefore an optimal customer service experience.
Posiflex have been leaders in innovative POS solutions for over two decades. Whether it is mPOS (mobile POS) or ePOS (electronic POS), Posiflex has answers to all your POS needs. Let’s look at some of the most popular ePOS series.

XP Series

XP Series- Posiflex

The XP3315 is what’s created when space-saving design and aesthetics collide, making it a must-have for retailers. This ePOS terminal will save not only space but cut costs too, its powerful processor will optimize daily operations, improving overall productivity. It’s an integrated touch-screen solution with a 3” auto-cutter thermal printer and plenty of ports that can be used by a wide range of applications.

HS Series


The HS2414W, HS2410W, and HS2410A are all part of Posiflex’s HS series. Owing to their compact footprint, these ePOS terminals can take space saving to the next level, by optimizing the counter-top space. They come in either black or white and are integrated solutions with a 2” auto-cutter thermal printer, MSR and custom display.

PS Series

Posiflex’s PS series consists of PS3315, PS 3316, and PS3316E, which are the new generation 15.6” fan-free, touch terminals that are equipped with the latest Quad Core Processor 4GB RAM, 64 GB SSD. These slim ePOS terminals are robust and powerful perfect for heavy applications.

XT Series

The XT Series is Posiflex’s most vast series with different ePOS terminals for every business that you can rely on. For maximum performance and heavy transactions throughout the day, as the case in of restaurants or super-markets, you have the XT3817, XT4215, XT4015, XT2614Q, and the XT5317. While for mid-range performances, you have the XT4215E, XT6715E, XT3915, and XT3915IR. The XT5317, XT3817, XT 3915/IR, XT 6715E, XT2614Q, and XT 4215E all have options of foldable bases that re-define flexibility. While the ePOS terminals, XT4015 and XT4215, can be configured to the optimal angle, saving space.

At the end of the day ePOS terminals should be a value-addition to any business, while vastly improving the customer experience. Automation of transactions leads to improved efficiency and productivity, leading to tangible results. Posiflex’s new-age ePOS terminals keep space, design and performance in mind, making them the perfect terminals across sectors.

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