• 17 Sep 2018
  • By vishwas
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Best POS System in India – Posiflex

In the recent years, Point-of-Sale (POS) technology has made significant strides in the Indian
retail market. Growing at a CAGR of 11%, the Global Retail Automation Market is expected to
hit $19.50 Billion by 2023. The global retail touchscreen market report 2018 to 2013 listed
Posiflex as a major key player in the market. Also, being Best pos systems in India Posiflex is dominating the cash drawer
market in India. Giant Indian business chains like Shoppers Stop and Cafe Coffee Day have
become the evangelist customers of Posiflex POS. Be it small or big box retailers, Posiflex has
a unique solution for all the businesses. The company has rolled out over 20 models across the
world and 9 of them in India. Yet, Posiflex is solidifying its spot of being the business to offer the
widest range of POS products.

Posiflex- the true problem solver

Posiflex has been the true problem solver by creating customized solutions for its customers.
For example, 17 years ago, the Point of Sale vendor of shoppers stop offered a configuration
with standard colors that didn’t match the retailer’s brand. They wanted the POS configuration
their 10th store to match its brand color which is when they discovered Posiflex. In addition to
the brand color, Shoppers Stop also needed the memory Gigabytes which is twice of the
market availability at that time(500 MB). Posiflex built a machine exclusively for Shoppers Stop to
match their requirements in a matter of just 6 – 8 weeks with a feasible price. Posiflex has been
delivering consistent solutions to ShoppersStop for a continuous 17 years.

Resilience and durability

Liquid and food spills are common in the hospitality industry and the POS systems ought to be
resilient. Many POS machines fail to withstand accidental spills and end up in service centers.
Stenslie was one of those companies that made numerous service calls for accidental food
spills on the printer. Stenslie then moved to Posiflex and chose the thermal Posiflex PP9000
printer. The printer was impervious to liquid and other food spillage and had a four-year warranty
which is twice compared to the other machines in the market. POS devices can be up 24/7 and
yet function seamlessly for 6 – 7 years without factoring in an upgrade.

Posiflex POS systems are omni-terminal

Despite the influence of e-commerce across the world, 90% of retail sales happen in brick and
mortar store level and it is important to make payments comfortable. With advanced payment
methods like NFC, RFID, mobile wallets and beacons, traditional point of sale systems is
becoming a thing of the past. As the world goes omnichannel, so should the point of sale
systems in the retail businesses. Today’s Posiflex machines are omni-terminal and the next-
generation machines will come with a customer service portal packed with the mission-critical


In the recent years, biometric systems of Posiflex POS machines have apparently reduced
‘buddy punching’. Unlike the PINs that can be shared and swipe cards that can be exchanged,
biometric systems eliminate the loopholes and systematize the employee check-in processes.
This system has a great reception among giant global business chains like Hooters. Besides
solving the industrial problems, Posiflex is also going the extra mile by contributing to programmes
like Go green and Make in India. As a part of the Go green initiative of Shoppers
Stop, Posiflex has helped them choose low power consuming devices that eventually reduced
electricity usage by 50%. By increasing the scan efficiency, the POS machines have increased
the cashier productivity by 15%. Posiflex is also supporting schemes like Make in India.