• 17 Sep 2018
  • By vishwas
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Best point of sale tablets

While replicating the features of standard POS machines on mobile devices may sound like a
good idea, it will not suffice the Omni-terminal needs. This is why 33% of retailers are
already investing in mobile POS devices. Best Point of Sale tablets are hybrid devices that bring together
flexibility and functionality in a versatile form factor. 26% of retailers are leveraging tablet
POS devices and another 15% plan to implement them in 12 months.
Here is a list of three tablets that are popular in the industry:

1. MT4008A

MT4008A is an 8-inch tablet that has bridged the gap between the fixed POS system and the
mobile POS. The tablet can transform into a fixed POS monitor by docking into the fixed peripherals.
It comes with barcode scanners and also supports magnetic swipe readers. The scanners come with
hand straps and pistol grip. The ergonomically designed pistol grip enable easy handling of the tab
and the hand-strap reduces fatigue. Either of these can be chosen according to the application. MT-
4008A also comes with a long lasting battery with power saving technology. The tablet is also cost
efficient when compared to the similar products in the market. Overall, it is ergonomic, versatile,
pocket-friendly and of the supreme quality.

2. MT4208

MT4208 tablet is like a mini all-in-one POS system. Though it is 60% smaller, it can do all that a
typical POS system can. The system comes with an Intel Bay Trail T Quadcore processor and runs
on Windows 8.1 Industry Pro. The projected capacitive touch screen tablet comes with a 1024×768
screen resolution and supports MSR. The system can be docked with a thermal printer via Wi-fi. It
also comes with 3 USB ports, 2 COM ports, 1 LAN port and 1 CR port that facilitate various types of
docking. With 5000mAh, the battery back up seems to be pretty amazing. Also, the company
provides a list of optional items that can make the tablet even more efficient.

3. MT4308

Like MT4008A, MT4308 is also an 8 inch tablet that can transform into a barcode scanner or a
compact POS system. But MT4308 is a little more resilient. MT 4308 is an industrial-grade tablet
specially designed to withstand the robust environments. The tablet was rolled out after getting
through rigorous third-party HALT(Highly Accelerated Life Test), testing. The tablet is housed in a
durable Gorilla Glass touch-screen for maximum protection. MT408 runs on Windows 10 and
supports multi-screen resolutions 1280×800. Besides converting the tablet into a scanner, the pistol
grip also houses a battery pack to power the MT4308 up to 2 times. This kind of battery backup
makes the tablet ideal for a typical eight hours work shift. The pistol also features a bracket that can
hold an EMV pin pad to make the transactions more secure.

Wrapping it up,

The Posiflex POS tablets were designed with retail and hospitality industries in mind. Besides
making the check out easier, Best Point of Sale tablets are also optimizing various areas of the business.
For example, Annie’s cafe used the conventional methods both for payment and hospitality
services. After moving to Posiflex POS integrated systems, the restaurant made the waiters
carry tablets in their apron. They took orders using the tablets and instantly sent them to the
kitchen. This eliminated the time waiters would walk back and forth the kitchen to
communicate the orders. Eventually, waiters to get more customer face time and faster
table turns. Also, this systematized the process and avoided human errors like forgetting to
certain items to the bill. As a result, average spend per order has increased.