• 17 Nov 2017
  • By vishwas
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Adoption of mPOS/ Tablets in Retail

Walk-in to a retail store, and you may find self-help kiosks or tablets to help customers look through a product catalogue/store map/offers; mobile-point-of-sale (mPOS) for checkout; electronic cash receipt(ECR) to generate receipts; mPOS tablets to take customer feedback; loyalty cards for customer retention; in addition to a friendly and helpful staff, and great ambience to lift the mood of a customer and invoke an awesome shopping experience.

Today, customers are more informed and technology is more advanced. Together, it has changed the way Indians do shopping. From mom-and-pop stores to big retail chains- POS, mPOS, Tablets, barcode scanners, ECRs are becoming indispensable.

Retailers who are still contemplating the use of retail technology, are not far from adopting and, here is why:

mPOS in Retail

mPOS as a mobile checkout technology is a secure and a hassle-free way of making transactions. Customers lay importance on trust, technology, and timing (online or offline purchase) as valuable cornerstones for making retail transaction, and a mPOS terminal helps in establishing all three.

Consumers are more aware and willing to use mPOS terminal as it also saves them time. This way, giving more value to customers.

Key Benefit:

Quick and hassle-free transaction, secure and transparent payment, individualized customer service and automated access to loyalty and reward points on every purchase.

Tablets in Retail

Tablets do the job of a salesman by giving out detailed information about the products, like product specifications, colors, availability, and even online price comparison.

It is a quick way to pull-out the information you need. Sometimes, it could just mean inventory availability of a particular item, followed by an instant purchase.

These terminals are also being used by retailers for training and monitoring employees.

Key Benefit:

Easy-to-access and user-friendly technology to help customers, and in-turn foster customer satisfaction, repeat business and more spending.

 Mobile POS Tablets in Retail

Mobile POS Tablets are hybrid models, like the Windows-based Posiflex MT4008 tablet, bridging the fixed to mobile POS terminal gap. This particular model works as a barcode scanner and a traditional terminal.

Hybrid models are becoming popular as they cater to specific needs of the retailers:
– Long duration operability: Is able to function 8-hours daily non-stop.
– In-store mobility: Allows for employee and consumer mobility.
– Easy ordering: Is able to order non-available items inter-store or distribution center.
– Streamlining the gift registry process.

For a retailer, the good part is that Mobile POS Tables can easily get integrated with the existing software solution, and has the ability to track record history of the transactions and customer information or any other support related documents.

For a customer, advanced systems like these help in quick buying and increased satisfaction. Even if an item is unavailable, it can be ordered instantly and easily; leaving the customer with a sense of satisfaction that he/she will get one soon.

Key Benefit:

mPOS Tabletsof highest quality, performance and durability help boost sales, accelerate productivity, and keep customers happy.

The Bottomline: Making the right technology investment will be a bigger challenge for retailers in times to come. Research indicates that in next 24 months, 4 in10 retailers will make a shift from POS to mPOS, Tablets, and Hybrid models.

Retailers who will take advantage of new technologies will be in a position to deliver seamless shopping experience and higher satisfaction to their customers.