• 3 May 2018
  • By vishwas
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A Government approved UIDAI QR code scanner, Meet The Honeywell Xenon-1900

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has issued approximately 1.19 billion Aadhaar cards to India residents. It is a random 12 digit unique number that is based on bio-metric and demographic data and is recognized as an official form of ID in India. Most service-based businesses, such as Banks, now require their customers to link their Aadhaar card, to continue using their services. The Aadhaar card comes in 3 forms all issued by the UIDAI, the original Aadhar card, Aadhaar print-letter and e-Aadhaar. The latter two have a secure QR code which upon scanning reveals the photograph and demographic information of the Aadhaar card holder. This information is made secure and tamper-proof by signing it with UIDAI digital signature.

At Posiflex, we are proud to announce that one of our partner products, the Honeywell Scanner (Xenon-1900 GHD) is a Government approved UIDAI QR code scanner. It was approved by the UIDAI HQ after testing for the purpose of QR code scanning through their application, which can also be used in offline mode. The Xenon-1900 will be used extensively by service-oriented businesses such as Banks, Insurance Companies, Mobile Service Providers, etc. to authenticate e-Aadhaar details, all across India.

This sixth generation area-imaging and barcode scanner from Honeywell has redefined the standard for hand-held scanners.It is a versatile scanner that uses the revolutionary in area-imaging technology, decoding architecture, and a custom sensor to offer industry-leading performance and reliability for a variety of applications. These advanced technologies enables for extended depth of field, faster reading and improved scanning performance of poor-quality barcodes. Therefore, It can be used in various industries and sectors, ranging from Retail, Hospitality, Government, and more.Moreover, its new space-saving ergonomic design eliminates the need for connectors and easily fits in any hand, reducing operator fatigue. There is also an increase in productivity, since with low number of external components results in minimal downtime and improves serviceability and efficiency.

Let’s look at some of the features and benefits of the Honeywell Xenon 1900 scanner:

Custom Sensor

The custom sensor optimized for barcode scanning improves scanning aggressiveness and protects your investment by providing supply chain stability.

Three Focal options

The three focal options (high density, standard range and extended range) provide application-specific scanning, leading to improved productivity.

Integrated Image Processing Software

The integrated image processing software offers advanced editing functionality – cropping, brightening, rotating, sharpening and more – to produce high-quality digital images.

Total Freedom area-imaging development platform

The Total Freedom area-imaging development platform enables the loading and linking of multiple applications to enhance image processing, decoding and data formatting functionality, eliminating the need for host system modifications.

Remote Master Mind Scanner Management Software

The Remote Master Mind scanner management software provides a quick and convenient solution for IT administrators seeking to manage all scanners within their network from a single remote location.

The Honeywell Scanner (Xenon-1900 GHD), being one of the Government approved UIDAI QR Scanners, is a huge milestone for us. Posiflex India is committed to giving the best experience to our customers and our partnerships reflect our ideology. At Posiflex India, we are proud of this milestone and look forward to many more in the coming months and years.