• 16 Feb 2018
  • By vishwas
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5 things we learnt from India’s largest coffee chain

Café Coffee Day, fondly known as CCD, is the go-to place to unwind and have long conversations over hot cups of coffee. Part of Coffee Day Global Limited, their presence is felt in over 200 cities, making them India’s largest coffee chain.

All their outlets have now been converted into QSRs (quick service restaurants), where the customers are expected to be serviced efficiently and effectively.

To ensure optimum customer experience, minimum customer waiting times and the availability of various payment options, required CCD to switch over to POS systems. For over 5 years, CCD has chosen Posiflex as their POS solutions partner.

They will be shifting to Posiflex across all their 2000 outlets in a phased manner.

If you are a QSR that is just starting out, or an established restaurant that is planning on digitizing your customer service experience, here are the 5 key takeaways from CCD to help you make this switch.

1. POS Usability

POS systems should be easy to set-up and simple to use. Retail has one of the highest employee turn-over rates of any industry, so the time taken to train service executives needs to be kept to a minimum. With an intuitive touch-screen user interface, Posiflex POS systems make learning quick and easy for new staff.

2. Sleek Aesthetics

Traditional desktops require many cables which are not only an aesthetic eye-sore but, also lead to confusion and take up a lot of unnecessary space. With the POS systems, there is effective utilization of space and cable management is kept to a minimal. Most of Posiflex POS machines are sleek and look good on any counter.

3. Space and Energy Utilization

Multiple devices can also be connected to a single POS machine, as they come with serial, parallel, and USB ports.

Posiflex helped CCD reduce their electricity consumption significantly by choosing low power consuming and high computing POS devices. 

4. Customer Experience

Consumers are expecting the retail sector to keep up in this digital age. Whether the customer is tech-savvy or traditional, in their ways, they both require efficiency. POS and mPOS systems are the perfect medium to achieve this basic consumer need. With mPOS (mobile point of sale) machines, gone are days of long queues at the cash register. Enhancing the customer experience with minimal human error and fast personalized service is what POS systems are all about.

5. Centralization of Data

Having over 1600 outlets across India CCD requires a centralized data system, making collecting, analysing, transforming, and sharing data a simple process through POS systems. This not only enhances the customer experience but also streamlines business operations.

Predictive analytics and important decisions can be made by tracking KPIs like: Product Performance, Sales Activity, Inventory Movement (Stock turn, Sell through, Weeks of supply, Gross margin return on investment), Actual Payments, Employee Track, and Customer Management.

The Bottom-line:

Time saved is money earned. Café Coffee Day has efficiently managed their time through digitizing their in-store business operations by switching to POS systems.

Posiflex, as the preferred POS vendor, is optimizing the customer-service experience and maximizing profits for CCD.